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Dilaudid Addiction

Dilaudid is an analgesic that is used in the treatment of pain and chronic coughing in people. Dilaudid is derived from morphine and it is 8 times more potent than morphine.

Dilaudid was invented in 1914 in Germany and was marketed by a drug company called Knoll. When the drug is administered for pain relief, many people unknowingly get addicted to it. When taken for a few days, many people do get addicted to Dilaudid, the process of addiction first starts with tolerance to the drug.

Tolerance means that the body has gotten used to the effects the drug will have on it. When the person develops a tolerance, they should immediately seek advice from a doctor, preferably the doctor who prescribed the drug. However, many people believe that the effects of the drug will be enhanced if they increase their dosage. Nevertheless, increasing the dosage may lead to addiction to the drug.

When people increase their dosage, they realize that their supply will be dwindling faster than expected. Most of them seek alternatives by lying to their doctor about loss of the pills or they go doctor shopping. Doctor shopping means a person traveling to find an easy doctor who will prescribe the drugs to them without asking too many questions. Some people will even travel to many different states seeking these easy doctors.

Dilaudid Addiction

Some people may also use the drugs for reasons other than for medical reasons. This is known as “recreational use”. Recreational use of the drugs is a problem that affects many people. The drugs can be obtained from the street.

Recreational addiction to Dilaudid goes hand in hand with crime rates in the country. Since the drug is a bit expensive, many people resort to crime to get the money to sustain their expensive addiction.

When a person becomes addicted to Dilaudid, they develop strong cravings for the drug. The cravings may be physical or mental and the person will go to any lengths in order to get their drug of choice. Since the drug affects the central nervous system, the cravings are usually mental. The drug stops the flow of pain receptors to the brain and the person becomes mentally dependent.

Stopping the use of Dilaudid abruptly causes many serious problems to the user including withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal process should be slow and is painful because the brain cannot process its own chemicals to suppress the pain since it was dependent on the drug for all its functions. The withdrawal symptoms get even worse if the person has been using the drug in higher doses and for a long time.

Detoxification is very dangerous and should never be undertaken from home. It should only be done with the help of trained personnel and with the staff at a treatment center (800-303-2482). Use of Dilaudid with other drugs will increase its potency and toxicity in the brain and will leave you with many problems including depression of the central nervous system and respiratory system.

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